What is the difference between the various types of home paints?

There are different types of paints available on the market. Each has a purpose. With so much
variety, many questions arise when choosing these products. So, get to know some types of
paint and get it right when buying:
Latex PVA
This is the most common type of ink and can be found easily. Latex paint is water-based, so it
is easy to apply and, if it splashes on any other coating, it is easy to clean. It has a good finish
and can only be cleaned with a damp cloth. Plus, it dries quickly.
As the product is water soluble, it is not suitable for wet areas such as kitchen and bathroom
or outdoors.
Acrylic paint
Also soluble in water and quick drying. Contains acrylic resins that provide high impermeability
to the surface.
Exterior painting service
It is ideal for exterior painting and wet areas. Acrylic paint has a glossy and
matte finish.
enamel paint
Made with an oil base, the enamel is a non-water-soluble paint and is an excellent choice for
painting iron or wood surfaces. The finish has a high gloss, although there is a matte version of
the product. It’s also easy to clean.
Epoxy and polyurethane paints
Synthetic and non-water soluble, epoxy and polyurethane paints are used for more specific
purposes, such as painting water tanks and applying to floors. They are ideal for wet areas.

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