Therefore, we recommend testing the color before purchasing a large amount of ink.

Just buy a small can and do the test on any wall, so you can make sure that
the color that stays after drying is the same as you want. If you are going to
buy a large amount of paint, the cans are more likely to be from different
batches. Sometimes when the batches are different, the tones also
change. If this is the case, mix all the cans in a container that is large
enough to hold the required volume of paint. This way, you avoid tonal
discrepancies in the walls of your house. Nobody likes to waste money,
right? So that this doesn’t happen when you buy the paints, calculate the
amount of paint needed. It’s simple:
Cost to paint exterior of home
1. Measure how many square meters you are going to paint.
2. Read the directions on the product can and see what footage you can
paint with a can, to find out how many cans you will have to use.
3. Divide this number by the product’s yield. That way, you will have the
amount of cans needed to give a coat.
4. Keep in mind that for a paint job to look good, 2-3 coats are
needed. So multiply by the number of coats you want to apply.

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