The address is also in Rio de Janeiro, but now in a much more touristic neighborhood.

Situated in the less touristy neighborhood of Vargem Grande, the Don Pascual joins
the list of romantic and rustic restaurants both for its decoration and location.
Solid wood tables, fireplaces at night, carpets and leather textures in the interior give a
farmhouse feel, while the pleasant soundtrack blends in perfectly with the sounds of the
forest that can be heard at the tables in the outdoor area.
The strongest cuisine there is Italian, which can be combined with good wines to toast
the occasion.
New italian restaurant in sandy springs
THE Casa Camolese takes advantage of the leafy neighborhood of Jardim Botânico
to set up its restaurant there, which, although rustic, is very refined.
The menu is varied, with sausage boards, seafood, meat and salad dishes.
The drinks you can not even miss: they are all delicious and varied, making the bars of
the house real machines to attract customers.
The suggestion to make the experience even more pleasant and exclusive is to move
away from the crowded room, sitting at the tables in the outdoor patio, where the feeling
of privacy is much greater.

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