Squirrel Cage Induction Motor

It is important to understand how is the construction of the main components that participate in the basic concepts of operation of the induction motor. We have verified that the squirrel cage has metal rings on the cap and base so as to short-circuit the bars and allow the circulation of chains through them. The squirrel cage rotor is made up of a core of ferromagnetic plates, insulated from each other, where copper bars are placed parallel to each other and joined at their ends by two conductor rings, which short the bars.

The squirrel cage bars may be fabricated from injected aluminum or brass alloy. The squirrel cage rotor bars are not always parallel to the rotor axis electrical boxes brackets and can be displaced or placed at a small angle to the rotor to produce more even torque and to reduce magnetic noise during engine operation electric. The motor stator is also made by a laminated ferromagnetic core in the recesses of which are placed the windings fed by the three-phase AC network.

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