Single-phase induction motors

Single-phase motors are so called because their field windings are connected entirely to a single-phase source. Gates BX112 Single-phase induction motors are the natural alternative to three-phase induction motors where three-phase power is not available, such as homes, offices, and in rural areas. Its application is justified for low power (1 to 2 KW). Amongst the various types of single-phase electric motors, squirrel-cage rotor motors stand out for their simplicity of manufacture and especially for their robustness and reduced maintenance requirements.

Because they have only one phase of power, it does not have a rotating field like three-phase motors, but a pulsating magnetic field. This will prevent them from having starting torque, taking into account that magnetic fields aligned with the stator field are induced in the rotor. To solve the starting problem we use auxiliary windings, which are sized and positioned to create a second dummy phase, which will allow the formation of the precise rotating field for starting. As we have single-phase induction motors we have shaded, split-phase, capacitor-starter, permanent-capacitor, and two-capacitor motors.

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