Lifting and Displacement Concepts

It can be stated that in general the existing vertical and inclined eyebolts refer to engines with vertical eyebolts, in which the resulting maximum angle must always be 45 ° to the vertical axis. The use of a separator bar is indicated so that the lifting element, of the chain or cable, can be kept on the vertical axis, thus avoiding damage to the motor surface. It is of extreme relevance that moments before the start of any hoisting process, it is necessary to make sure that the eyebolts are properly fixed, properly screwed and with their base in contact with the surface to be hoisted.

It is necessary for the machine operator to make sure that the element used in the movement process, as well as its dimensions, is appropriate to the size of the eye and also to the mass of the engine. In cases of horizontal components which contain only one hoisting eye, the maximum angle resulting during the entire hoisting process shall never exceed 30 ° from the vertical axis. Horizontal motors with two or more hoisting eyes, all existing supplied eye bolts, need to be used at the same time in the hoisting process.

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