Italian Food Terminology

Fortunately, many of the words you will see on the menu in Italy will be familiar to you. In
my Italian classes, I used to say that you can almost be sure that
You’re not going to starve in Italy, even if you’re afraid to talk to someone other than a
waiter. But here are a few articles that will help you look as you know what you are talking
about when it comes to food in Italy:
Menu tips for Italy – this quick article will help you convert the Italian menu, but go back a
little up to the page to find a book that I recommend all travelers bring (includes an excellent
menu guide)
Italian names of pasta – In Italy there are more than 350 different types of pasta; this
article contains a list of favorite varieties of
Italian coffee 101 – ask as a professional about this list of drinks with coffee in Italy (and
also some options without coffee in the bar)
Flavors of Italian Gelato – I always say that you should eat gelato every day in Italy; this
article will help you diversify your taste choices

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