Importance in choosing home paints

In particular, in this atypical year, the house became a safe haven and the choice of color had
everything to do with that feeling. “Natural tones work easily in a home by creating a warm,
neutral canvas that allows other colors to gain evidence. Vigorous foundation of any
environment, by working so well together, the selected shades give us the possibility to be
creative with colors and also complementary geometric shapes ”, explains Fernanda.
This challenging period that we are experiencing is also reflected in the color palettes of 2021,
identified as a trend by Coral.
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“We all face experiences that seem disconnected from the
modern world. But we also discovered something much more positive: solidarity between
people who don’t know each other and the fact that together, we can do extraordinary things.
Now is the time to find the courage to get up and move on. Our home remains our sanctuary,
the perfect place for us to readjust, renew and recharge our energies. So, our color of the year
is a shade that talks about balance, stability and potential ”, comments Heleen Van Gent,
creative director of AkzoNobel’s Global Aesthetics Center

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