If you are unable to find an ideal area like this, follow the guidelines for opening a common restaurant

Following some important elements to be considered when choosing a location,
such as a good population volume, parking, visibility, viability, etc. Despite being
a themed restaurant, you can follow in the footsteps of any restaurant, using
appropriate equipment, which will allow the best customer service and also for
the creation of quality dishes.
Basically you will need:
• Tables;
• Chairs;
• Office supplies (computer, printer);
• Kitchen supplies (pans, stove, oven, etc.);
• Decoration.
The place should be cozy to offer maximum comfort to the consumer, in addition
to having a clean and organized structure. These are basic things when it comes
to any type of restaurant. In Brazil there are many gastronomy schools that offer
cooking courses that will teach you about the customs, spices and ingredients
used in each dish. Even if you are already a professional in the kitchen, you will
need to study to become an expert. If you are able to go to Italy in person, you
will be able to improve yourself even more by trying to contact local chefs who
have the best tips.

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