Home paints: paint types, residential and indoor

What paint to use to paint the house. types of paint. residential painting.
What is the best paint to paint the bathroom and kitchen?
Epoxy is the paint indicated for painting wet areas and for covering tiles and floors. The main
characteristic of epoxy paint is the high degree of waterproofing, durability and resistance. It
is, however, a difficult to apply paint, which requires specialized labor, who knows the product
and the technique, since this type of paint has catalysts in its formula to assist in the painting
process. Due to its high resistance to abrasion, it can be cleaned with common cleaning
products such as detergents.
What is the best paint to paint indoors?
Latex paint or PVA is the most suitable for painting walls and ceilings of internal areas that do
not require constant maintenance. It is a water-based paint that can be cleaned only with a
damp cloth. It dries quickly and gives off a minimal odor. It is found only in the matte finish,
which is generally the most suitable finish for painting internal walls, since the semi-gloss and
shiny coverings show the irregularities of the wall even more accentuated in indoor
environments. It can be used on masonry, plaster and wood. It is cheaper than acrylic paint. Lincoln house painting

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