Home paints: complete colors, hot and cold

Complementary Colors
This name is given to two opposite colors within the chromatic circle: Red and green, Orange
and Blue, Yellow and Purple, etc. This combination results in a maximum contrast between
colors, producing a vivid and strong effect in environments with paint colors. Notice how this
living room became even more cheerful with the presence of a blue sofa and orange
decorative frame.
Decoration complementary colors – paint colors
Newton painters house Infinity Pro
The vibrant combination of complementary orange and blue paint colors finds space in Maria
Eunice Fernandes’ project.
Cold Colors vs. Warm Colors
As the name says, it is the colors that transmit or not the sensation of heat. Imagine a line
dividing the chromatic circle in half. The warm colors are red, yellow, orange and close tones
like pink. The cool ones are green, shades of blue, purple and darker shades like navy blue and
brown. The colors of warm houses make the environment more lively, energetic, while the
colors of cold houses make the climate more cozy. You can choose the colors of cold or hot
inks according to your preference.

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