Epoxy paint can be a great choice as they are specially made to cover surfaces such as floors and tiles.

As for the ceiling, we have our own paints, such as Metalatex Bactercryl Without Smell, which
guarantees the quality and durability of the surface. Both inks are very resistant and can be
washed without any problem.
In general, when it comes to choosing colors, the ideal is to use tones that convey tranquility
and elegance, such as blues or even orange and beige. The bedroom is one of the spaces that
most demand comfort and personality.
Service paiting
If you’re afraid of making a mistake in your choice, you
can invest in neutrally colored walls, letting the rest of the decoration — such as objects and
pillows — play the role of giving more life and color to the room,
As this is a heavily used space, it is essential to invest in paint one quality. Acrylic paint in its
finishes, matte or satin, is a great option, as in addition to its resistance, it gives the surface a
refined look with its velvety finish. A very important part of house projects , whether it
is a country house, in the city or any other, is the facade, so the house colors
must be chosen with great care and care.

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