Among so many discounts, it is always possible to find restaurants with unmissable promotions.

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Pizza, hamburger and barbecue are some of the goodies that are
always available on these sites. Going to restaurants, no matter the time of day
or night, is one of the favorite programs of São Paulo residents. But in times of social
isolation, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is possible to enjoy the pleasure of eating
well without leaving the house. The solution is to resort to delivery. And the good
news is that more and more renowned establishments – from snack bars to meat and
seafood houses – offer this type of service. Discover some of the best restaurants with
delivery in the capital of São Paulo: The restaurant is synonymous with good service
and fast delivery. Serving at the same address for almost 40 years, it has an
extensive and varied menu, with more than a hundred options of dishes for delivery,
ranging from executives, pastas, grilled meats, poultry, fish, pizzas and the most
diverse portions. The quality of the food is guaranteed by the supervision of a
nutritionist who also guarantees an unsurpassed taste of homemade food. “We
really appreciate the quality of our service, whether at the restaurant or in delivery.

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